easy homemade Cake Recipes 

It is not a secret that most of homemade cake recipes are based on one of main types of pastry: butter cakes, chiffon cakes, sponge cakes, meringue or tart. Everyone who knows how to make each of those basic pastries can handle a whole class of homemade cakes and enjoy all the creative the varieties. This website shares baking tips and techniques for the main types of cakes and step-by-step instructions for their variations. Not to forget several special categories, such as cheesecakes, ice-cream cakes or even no bake cakes.

Welcome to discover easy cake recipes, baking techniques and some tasty stories about cakes!


Meringue ingredients

Eggs + Sugar

Light brown Swiss meringue

Meringue is a light fluffy pastry made of egg whites and sugar. It can be soft or dry and crispy depending on the baking method. Meringue can be served as a separate dessert or form a part of a cake, such as Pavlova. More...

Sponge Cake

Basic sponge cake ingredients

Eggs + Sugar + Flour

Baked sponge cake

The main feature of sponge cakes is leavening solely by the air beaten into egg whites, with no baking powder or baking soda added. More...

Chiffon Cake

Basic chiffon cake ingredients

Eggs + Sugar + Flour + Oil

Layers of chiffon cake

Chiffon cake is very similar to sponge cake. The only difference is vegetable oil added to the mixture of egg yolks and sugar. Food historians say that chiffon cake was invented in 1927 by Harry Baker, a California insurance salesman turned caterer. More...

Pound cake

Pound or butter cake ingredients

Eggs + Sugar + Flour + Butter + [Buttermilk] + Baking Soda

Baked pound cake

An experienced baker can tell the difference between pound cake, butter cake and sour cream cake. They may have a slightly different texture, density and color. However they have got more similarities rather than differences. More...

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