Chocolate Pecan Pie
Is Pecan Pie Good For My Diet? And For My Mood?

The genuine Native Americans everyday food beautifully combined with 20th century American invention and a gorgeous heritage Aztecs times gives us a perfect chocolate pecan pie recipe! Thanksgiving day is often the occasion to taste the magic and to enjoy rich incredible taste of pecans and corn syrup.

Some say that pecan pie was popularized in 1930s to promote corn syrup. Whether it is true or not the promotion has been quite successful from cake addicts’ point of view and added another gorgeous chapter in their sweet-ways-to-enjoy-life recipe book.

Pecan pie generally sounds like a manly sweet: Elvis Presley seemed to love pecan pie and made a song that later drove crazy Jim Carey making him drive in his bed to the gas station! Jeff Tweedy made a song about craving for pecan pie as badly as for girl’s attention. 500-700 calories per piece make it a pleasure for physically active men, who are less sensitive to extra calories, or for courageous women who are ready to face a solid fat and carbs attack. The only excuse can be made for pecans themselves since they contain unsaturated fat, omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants, which are great for your face color and mood. However if you experience the greatest joy and delight when having your pecan pie, in my opinion it is the best possible remedy for inner peace and harmony, which naturally results in great face color and health.

Most common serving suggestions include whipped cream or bourbon whiskey. In South America pecans harvest season is September – December, so historically the pie is associated with Christmas and Thanksgiving day. However US National Chocolate Pecan Pie day is celebrated a bit in advance, on August 20. If anyone knows a valid explanation of this fact, I will be glad to hear from you in comments. Just curious!

How To Cook Chocolate Pecan Pie?

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