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Success tips for angel food cake include a cold bowl, where you beat the egg whites, a good mixer and a sound idea for serving.

Angel food cake with custard

If you are making it with custard for the cake filling, make sure you are stirring the milk well while cooking the cream – it will secure an even and nice texture. Overall it is an easy recipe to make.

How To Create A Perfect Mood For Baking Angel Food Cake?

First Prepare The Ingredients


12 egg whites

1 cup powdered sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

1 cup flour

1 teaspoon preferred flavor extract: vanilla, almond, lemon, honey, etc. (optional)

Angel food cake ingredients

To be more accurate, you will need 12 egg whites, not whole eggs. The egg yolks might be used for making custard later.

And Just Let It Happen In Your Kitchen

Grease slightly and flour the baking forms. I am using the square ones, however the shape is optional and remains at your choice.

Preheat the oven to 205°F (120°C).

Floured square baking forms
Beating egg whites with mixer

Beat egg whites using mixer on medium speed until frothy, add tartar, salt and flavor extract. Add sugar gradually, beating on high speed until sugar is dissolved and stiff peaks form.

Sprinkle half of the flour over the mixture, mix carefully, beat on high speed again and repeat with the second half of the flour.

Adding sugar into egg whites
Putting angel food cake batter into the form

Gently spoon the batter into two prepared baking forms.

Bake at 205°F (120°C) for 50-70 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly touched.

Angel food cake batter before baking
Angel food cake layers in square forms

When ready let the layers cool down in the forms before taking them out.

And here they go now! Ready for assembling and decorating.

Angel food cake layers baked
Covering angel food cake layer with custard

Cover the lower layer with custard or whipped cream or any other filling you find suitable. There are usually many options. Mine is the custard here.

Decorate with almond slices or a fruit of your choice.

Dredging with almond slices
Angel food cake squares with almond slices

Cut the cake into square pieces for serving. You may serve it with fresh fruit, whipped cream or almonds and honey, like in my case.

Bon Appetite!

Angel food cake with almonds and honey

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Angel Food Cake Recipe Story And Serving Suggestions

First angel food cake recipe in US appeared in 1871 in Mrs. Porter's New Southern Cookery Book, and Companion for Frugal and Economical. The recipe was named Snow-drift cake, however, it was very close to the modern version of the cake. Appearance of this recipe was preceded by Turner William patenting rotary egg beater patenting which made the process of beating egg whites handy.

Some historians think that the first angel food cakes were probably baked by African-American slaves from the South because making this cake required a strong beating arm and lots of labor to whip the air into the whites. The cake is also a traditional African-American favorite for post-funeral feasting.

According to, this light tender dessert was one of the favorite desserts of Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893), nineteenth President of the United States. Cookbook authors, Poppy Cannon and Patricia Brooks, wrote the following on the history of Angel Cake in their cookbook, The Presidents' Cookbook - Practical Recipes from George Washington to the Present:

Considering the character of gentle, sweet-tempered Lucy Hayes, it seems fitting that Angel Cake should be one of her favorite desserts. The origins of Angel Cake, sometimes called angel-food cake, are mysterious, all the more so since they seem to derive from the mysterious East. The story goes, according to a cookbook published in 1883, that a family who lived along the Atlantic Coast moved to a quiet place along the Hudson River and opened a boarding house. A friends presented one of the ladies of the family, who was remarkable skilled as a cake-baker, a valuable "receipt" that had come to her from a friend in India. Sometime later, the family left their picturesque boarding house along the Hudson and returned to their original coastal home. There, the cake-baker of the family opened a bakery of sorts, specializing in various cakes, including the mysterious cake from the East. This special cake was produced under unusual circumstances: only one was baked at a time, behind closed doors and in the greatest secrecy. But like most secrets of the kitchen, it eventually was found out, improved upon, and perfected.

When baking angel food cake, simplicity is the king. Other conditions include cool kitchen, cold bowl, good mixer, light mood, easy touch and your angel’s smile! Don’t forget about your being a god or goddess of baking - you create what you want - and your success is inevitable.

One of traditional serving options is whipped cream and fresh berries or fruit. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries all fit perfectly, though you may wish to choose any other you like. 

Another idea is to dash the innocent angel food with a bit of sin. The sin may come in the form of melted dark chocolate or whipped cream, caramel sauce or almonds or other nuts. The one you can’t stand and the most appealing is a must-do if you’ve chosen this way!

Angel Food Cake Recipe F.A.Q.

What other good serving suggestions can you advice?

I would suggest sliced seasonal fresh or canned fruit, maybe caramel sauce or chocolate frosting if you are not afraid of adding a bit of extra calories to your dessert. Angel food cake main feature is being low fat, however if it's not the main reason why you decide to cook it, complementing the cake with those fillings will work fine.

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