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Black Forest Cake

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Birthday Cake: Is It Really Easy?

Baking a birthday cake may sound like huge responsibility. And such a sweet and admirable one! The recipes on this page require a bit more time, patience and attention than those listed in Easy Cake Recipes category. However the guarantee is the same: they have all been tested and tasted. If you follow accurately step-by-step instructions, you will soon discover that baking a birthday cake is easy even if for a beginner.

It is better to start with reading the whole recipe carefully and understanding the sequence of steps: some preparations can be required in advance. After that make sure that you have got all the necessary ingredients, keep the instructions in sight during when cooking and just follow the steps.

One significant detail: never forget to enjoy the process!

7 Reasons To Bake A Birthday Cake When It's Not Birthday

1) To Celebrate!

Who said that only official birthdays must be celebrated? Many of us like re-posting in social media Osho quotes or stuff like 'Dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never be hurt and live like it's heaven on earth' or 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever' and so on. But answer honestly do you really follow them? How long do you remember about celebrating every moment of your life after throwing away this quotation into your timeline? Can you decide to celebrate say XX years, 4 months and 11 days of your life just out of a sudden? Just because you had a great mood that day and wanted to share! Of course, cake is not the only way possible, however if you can do so, I am with you guys!

2) To Practice

For those who are fond of home baking, but still not sure whether they can succeed. Practice makes a master. So when a real birthday comes your baking masterpiece will look, feel and taste as professional!

3) To Raise Up Somebody's Mood

When it's foggy and cloudy, or when it's cold outside what about indulging yourself and others? When you bake by yourself it is more than just a standard product of a confectionary. If is made with your own unique twist, style, love and care.

4) To Do Something New

If you have never baked a birthday cake by yourself, why not to give it a try!

5) To Experiment

If you have baked numerous cakes and you know hundreds of birthday cake recipes and if you think there is nothing left to invent what if it is time to re-consider?

"Everything that can be invented has been invented," Charles H. Duell, the director of U.S. Patent Office said in 1899. At that time he had no idea about computers, Internet, mobile phones or even sharing birthday cake recipes via web.

So don't you think there is still may be some space for creativity?

If you have run out of inspiration, seek in other areas. Maybe completely unrelated. Just think what can be in common between those areas and your baking experience. Let your mind do the work of linking them together and see the new ideas flowing in spontaneously!

6) To Socialize

Inviting your friends, your dearest and nearest ones to participate can be a great way to spend time together. If you are an experienced baker you can arrange a masterclass in your baking arts. You can even start with going shopping to help those who want to learn baking with choosing the right ingredients.  If you are a beginner and your friends are as well, the chances are good that you will follow trial-and-error way, which often turns out even more fun when everyone is enthusiastic and jolly about the baking adventure!

7) To Satisfy Your Craving For Baking!

When you feel baking as your calling it's just hard not to bake! Really. The feeling of deep satisfaction after having your craziest birthday cake ideas materialized is indispensable!

And you don't need any excuses to follow this feeling and invent your own birthday cake recipes, do you?

Enjoy Your Fabulous Festive Baking!

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